chris hart: about

I currently work in Nairobi and the UK, and am best known as a writer, speaker and broadcaster. I was born and educated in England, where after a career in industry I retrained as a psychologist. Initially I worked with crime victims, people recovering from serious illnesses and adults with learning difficulties, before specialising in relationships and social skills.

I have written a column in the Sunday Nation, Nairobi for many years, and also write regularly on-line, in other newspapers, and magazines such as True Love and Drum. I appear frequently on radio and TV, and talk to churches, schools, university groups and many others, including NGOs and corporates.

I offer counselling, coaching and workshops covering all aspects of relationships, both within the family and work environments, for example dating, marriage, family conflict, motivation and work-life balance, together with related issues such as anxiety and social skills.

If you would like to contact me for counselling or coaching, either in person or on-line (Skype, WhatsApp, imo, FaceTime, email, chat), or would like to come to one of my workshops, please email to: or to: